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Frequently Asked Questions

MyPhysiotherapy.ca is confident we will be able to increase exposure for your physiotherapy clinic. Sign up now to ADD YOUR CLINIC to the largest online physiotherapy clinic directory in Canada!

MyPhysiotherapy.ca is a comprehensive, easy to use physiotherapy clinic directory that allows users to rate and review physiotherapy clinics they have attended. MyPhysiotherapy.ca does not operate any physiotherapy clinics.

There are two main reasons to join MyPhysiotherapy.ca: 1) traffic (site visitors); and, 2) quality traffic.

Traffic: MyPhysiotherapy.ca works with Internet specialists to ensure our Web site receives a large number of visitors. We are in all of the major directories (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.), use targeted performance based search advertising, and partner with a number of related websites and physician offices across Canada.

Quality Traffic: MyPhysiotherapy.ca provides each clinic with an extensive listing page that lists important features as well as photos and a detailed description in the clinic’s own words. Unlike searchers at general sites such as Google or Yahoo, MyPhysiotherapy.ca visitors have detailed information about your clinic before deciding to click to your website.

MyPhysiotherapy.ca only lists quality physiotherapy clinics and independent physiotherapists. Clinics that do not provide physiotherapy as the main service (ie. acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic or podiatry clinics) will be removed from the directory. MyPhysiotherapy.ca maintains the right to refuse to list any clinic in our directory. MyPhysiotherapy.ca will not accept listings for any hate groups or organizations that discriminate on the basis of race or religion.

With MyPhysiotherapy.ca you can update the listings for your clinic over the Internet any time you want. MyPhysiotherapy.ca also provides online statistics reporting the number of times visitors view each clinic listing page and click thru to your site. Additional advanced features are always under development and will be automatically added as they become available.

With MyPhysiotherapy.ca you have the option to be as hand-on as you like. We can use material off your web site to generate the listing page, or you can do it all yourself with our online tools.

MyPhysiotherapy.ca provides all participating clinics with a listing page. If your organization offers more than one type of clinic, you can have additional listing pages at a reduced rate.

MyPhysiotherapy.ca offers two different membership levels. A free listing allows you to add your clinic to our database, as well some basic information about your clinic. Google ads will be displayed on your detailed page.

A Premium Listing allows you to take advantage of all the great features available on MyPhysiotherapy.ca. You can get a Premium Listing for as low as $9.99 (CAD) per month, or for 1 year at $99. The membership automatically renews itself, making payment effortless.

Features Free Membership Paid Membership
Show Clinic Information, Accreditations, and Accommodations
300 Word Clinic Description
Unlimited Clinic Description
No Ads Displayed on Detailed Page
Higher Placement in listings
Clinic Logo Diplayed in Listings and Detailed Page
Slideshow of up to 4 Pictures
Visitors can Request Information directly from Detailed Page
Link Directly to Clinic Website from Listing and Detailed Page
Track Statistics

MyPhysiotherapy.ca listings contain basic information (program name, participant ages, etc.), detailed description, 1 logo, upto 5 photos, and more.

Each listing page can be listed in a city category. While clinic managers can suggest categories, final choice is made by MyPhysiotherapy.ca editors. In addition, we reserve the right to re-arrange categories. If your organization offers more than one different type of clinic you can mention them all on a single profile page, but it can be only linked into the directory for one category. If want to be listed in more categories, you need to purchase additional profile pages.

Profile pages can be listed in any Canadian city. If your clinic operates in more locations, they can be each added at additional cost.

In order to become the owner of a clinic listing, you need to be a registered member on MyPhysiotherapy.ca. If you are not already a registered member, please sign up at:


Once logged into MyPhysiotherapy.ca simply find the clinic listing you would like to claim and select the “Claim Listing” button.

Claim Listing

Next complete the claim listing form.

Claim Listing Form

Note: It is important that at least one of the following criteria is met when submitting a claim:

1. Your email registered for your account contains the official email address for the clinic.
2. You are listed on the clinics website as the responsible individual.

Because MyPhysiotherapy.ca is so easy to use, we have found that all clinics within a category receive great exposure.

Still there needs to be some ordering. MyPhysiotherapy.ca orders listings based on an algorithm that takes numerous factors into consideration, with paid listings grouped above free listings.

You can request more information using the Contact Us page .

All free listings have Google Ads on their detailed pages. If you would like to remove these from your listing, you can pay a small monthly or yearly membership.

Paid listings can also take advantage of advanced features such as:
Higher placement than free listings
Adding a clinic logo
4 images
Access to detailed statistics
Unlimited length clinic description

and more.

To remove the Google Ads from your listing, simply go to the Modify Clinic page, select the clinic you want to make a payment for, and click the New Payment link as shown below.

New Payment