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Aurora Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre

Our Goal: To maximize function through early ACTIVE TREATMENT INTERVENTION provided by our carefully selected team of Rehabilitation Specialists. Each treatment program is INDIVIDUALIZED based on the findings of a thorough assessment completed by our Physiotherapist. We are committed to excellence in rehabilitating clients through a GOAL-ORIENTED, TIME-LIMITED approach.

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Honsberger Physiotherapy & Biomechanics Clinic

The treatment philosophy, at Honsberger Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Clinic therapy, with main locations in Aurora and Markham Ontario, is based on the principles of biomechanical balance, normalizing tissue tension and activity specific rehabilitation conditioning programs, to achieve a state of healthy bodily function and enhanced athletic performance. Imbalances may arise following sports injuries, work related injury, a motor vehicle accident, or from a chronic problem. We utilize clinical research and data as well as current scientific evidence to effectively assess and treat our clients. Our focus is on proper injury rehabilitation as well as prevention programs (prehab) in which we create a customized pro-active program to reduce the risk of developing injuries affecting sport, work or general health. By achieving a state of biomechanical balance, an individual will then be able to achieve optimal health and thus feel better and perform better.

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